Controlling who has access to which resources and areas in your organization is a matter of concern not just to Homeland Security, but also in the very competitive business environment of today. The people responsible for security have the critical task of not only securing resources and information, but have to keep tabs of who went where & when.

ComSec is dedicated in developing and integrating identification solutions that enhance security, safety and communication through comprehensive and cost effective access control systems. This tool will provide the organization with the power to seamlessly decide who has access to which resources and areas, while keeping clearly defined records reporting not only who went where and when, but also who attempted to enter a restricted area.

The Access Control System is equipped with an advanced reporting system, which allows for comprehensive audit trail of access activities. The system offers modular fl edibility for expansion and can also be used for attendance monitoring.

Main Features of the Access Control solution:

  • Multiple Access Methods: Card, PIN, Biometric
  • Comprehensive Management System
  • Management of access by time and location
  • Personalized Card Printing
  • Biometric Solutions: Fingerprint, Facial Recognition
  • Visitors Management
  • Extensive Report Generator
  • Turnstiles, barriers and parking solutions