Comsec Provides advanced integrated CCTV solutions. We supply the entire range, from basic video surveillance systems for a retail store to deter and monitor shoplifting, through complete monitoring of a building or a complex, up to a multi-site solution with a central command and control center, monitoring remote sites/branches from one location.

The central management and monitoring systems offered by Comsec ensure a high level of security Comsec’ CCTV solutions provides not only high quality video viewing and recording, but also using advanced video motion detection technologies, converting the camera into a “Smart Eye”, by automatically detecting events in the video frame. Even in cases where the guard at the control room is not fully alert and even in darkness, this technology will allow detection of events and alerting the security personnel, assisting them in improving their efficiency.

Main Features of the CCTV solution:

  • High Definition Cameras – HD / UHD (4K)
  • Advanced recording technologies with huge storage
  • Central network management with advanced alarm
  • Remote monitoring over the LAN, Internet and mobile phones
  • Intelligent video analytics



Controlling who has access to which resources and areas in your organization is a matter of concern not just to Homeland Security, but also in the very competitive business environment of today. The people responsible for security have the critical task of not only securing resources and information, but have to keep tabs of who went where & when.

ComSec is dedicated in developing and integrating identification solutions that enhance security, safety and communication through comprehensive and cost effective access control systems. This tool will provide the organization with the power to seamlessly decide who has access to which resources and areas, while keeping clearly defined records reporting not only who went where and when, but also who attempted to enter a restricted area.

The Access Control System is equipped with an advanced reporting system, which allows for comprehensive audit trail of access activities. The system offers modular fl edibility for expansion and can also be used for attendance monitoring.

Main Features of the Access Control solution:

  • Multiple Access Methods: Card, PIN, Biometric
  • Comprehensive Management System
  • Management of access by time and location
  • Personalized Card Printing
  • Biometric Solutions: Fingerprint, Facial Recognition
  • Visitors Management
  • Extensive Report Generator
  • Turnstiles, barriers and parking solutions


Comsec provides the latest screening solutions from leading global suppliers. The wide variety of screening systems offered by Comsec, provide solutions to organizations of all types, from a small office up to a large, high security building or campus.

The security screening solutions offered by Comsec employ latest technologies, supporting most recent and advanced x-ray imaging and explosive detection methods.

Security Screening solution highlights:

  • X-Ray baggage screening
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors
  • Hands held metal detectors
  • Explosive detectors
  • UVSS – Under-Vehicle Surveillance Systems



Comsec Provides advanced state of the art Intruder Alarm solutions from global leaders in the industry. We supply the entire range, from basic, cost effective home / Small business systems with a small number of zones up to high end integrated commercial solutions with a large number of zones.

Main Features of the Intruder Alarm solution:

  • Advanced Wired, wireless and Hybrid solutions
  • Complete range of security alarm panels
  • Cutting edge wireless technology – PowerG
  • Visual verification via PIC cameras
  • Full integration with remote Command & Control (PSIM) and CMS solutions
  • Touchscreen keypad
  • Remote accessibility via smart phone


Fire is one of the most devastating threats to any business. It has the capability to destroy everything from property, information and worst of all human lives. A fire tragedy will always deal a big, sometimes fatal, blow to any business.

At ComSec we appreciate the need to contain the threat posed by fire. We provide fire detection and extinguishing systems that will proactively warn the client of a fire break out and assist in evacuation, giving businesses the ability to contain fire damage quickly and decisively.

We provide fire alarm and automatic extinguishing control panels supporting the following:

  • Fire Detection and Extinguishing
  • Intelligent Addressable/Conventional control panels
  • Smoke, heat, gas, and combined multi-sensor system detectors
  • Internet-based fire alarm supervision and notification systems
  • Cellular phone fire alerts via SMS
  • Automatic telephone dialers and annunciators
  • Fire alarm accessories
  • Software for PC-based fire alarm supervision



Comsec provides a complete range of digital public address and evacuation speaker systems. The wide variety of solutions include advanced IP communications as well as central monitoring solutions.

Public Address solution highlights:

  • Advanced, digital audio solutions
  • Public Address / Background music
  • Evacuation systems meeting global safety standards
  • Conference systems


Comsec provides a complete professional structured cabling solution. Comsec can also offer the switches and routers required for a complete IT infrastructure.

  • Structured Cabling Solution highlights:
  • Professional cable marking
  • Racks and Cabinets
  • Network Sockets
  • Switches & Routers
  • IP telephony



ComSec offers flexible solutions to control the clock-out of employees, which can vary from the single employee management to large workforce management for international corporations.

It has different verification modes, automated data calculation, Reports and informs generation, company optimization with easy installation and use. It also has Card, Pin, finger print or face recognitions options.

Let us improve your company performance.