Effective security starts with a clear understanding of the types and levels of risk that an organization faces. A security survey and risk assessment is conducted for this purpose. Security risks vary depending on internal and external factors. Failure to recognize and manage these risks can jeopardize successful businesses, possibly resulting in higher operational costs.
ComSec carries risk assessments in various categories of organizations and offers a detailed report with recommendations that are practical and realistic to manage these risks.




Based on the recommendation of a risk assessment ComSec is equipped to design a security system solution that will be right for your security needs. ComSec will manage the implementation of the security system project to ensure compliance to the recommendation of the risk assessment report and laid down international standards. Comsec possesses the professional personnel and knowledge required for designing an integrated computerized system which provides a complete security envelope. Due to the fact that Comsec’s engineers are familiar with various products and technologies, it is often possible to re-use existing equipment and integrate it with the new systems implemented.
The next stage of a implementation of security solution is a plan which features a timetable, GANT chart, delivery date, installation, personnel training – operation and maintenance and the required budget for a completed project. The final stage is to conduct and execute the turnkey security solution according to plan for which ComSec will assign a skilled project manager, who will be in charge of coordinating all the activities necessary for the successful implementation of the project.


Security and surveillance systems are a powerful tool for any organization. They can provide active monitoring of the business, and proactively alert security personnel on potentially threatening situations.
To give business owners and their security staff a helping hand in this matter, ComSec offers intelligent surveillance systems that are capable of integrating access control, intrusion detection and fire alarm with CCTV. The integrated systems will provide alerts to those manning the command centre every time it detects a potential security breach. Since this runs in real time, security personnel are able to tell whether it is a false alarm or not and take appropriate action immediately, maximizing the efficient use of the security solutions. The technologies offered by Comsec support a high level remote monitoring of events in the integrated system. It enables monitoring of branches from the headquarter, provision of SMS and email alerts to designated personnel upon security events as well as monitoring of CCTV cameras over the Internet and mobile phones.




One of the greatest challenges in the life cycle of security systems in Tanzania is the post-sales support, meaning maintenance and service of the deployed security equipment. Many companies are deploying state of the art technologies, but without a proper maintenance arrangement in place, the security of these places, especially the up-country sites, is highly compromised, often for long periods of time and, up to the level where systems can even deteriorate to become non-functional.

Help Desk

In order to support our clients in the most efficient manner, we have invested in computerized help desk system, manned by qualified dedicated personnel. Each service call is assigned with a ticket number for easy follow up and update. Whenever the status of the down call is being updated, an email is sent to the contact person in appointed by the client. The help desk provides the 1st tier of support and in case the problem is not solved in the help desk level, it is immediately escalated to the field support team of the Customer Service Department
Customer Service Department

Comsec Security Systems has established a dedicated customer service department, with highly trained professionals, focused on support of our clients’ security systems, both in Dar es Salaam and up-country. This team of dedicated engineers ensures prompt and seamless professional support, allowing our clients to outsource the logistics and headache related to the servicing of the security systems and focus on their core business. The service includes both corrective maintenance, and not least important periodic maintenance that ensures that the systems are operating under optimal performance at all times.