Smart banking Solution


Money, finance and security businesses are vulnerable to constant threats. Comsec understands the unique needs of these organizations and offer reliable solutions that you can bank on! Comsec’s Smart Banking Solution boasts powerful, intelligent functionalities. These functionalities are embedded with advanced technology to help you integrate your financial facilities – from branch offices to service centers to treasuries – into a centralized monitoring solution that is easy to implement, manage and integrate. Comsec helps you conduct effective surveillance of bank assets, manage the security of your clients and personnel, protect restricted areas, and secure ATM areas with unwavering reliability. And there’s more – Comsec’s surveillance solutions also improve accountability, efficiency and customer satisfaction for better business.

  • Ensure around-the-clock safety for customers and employees
  • Increase transaction safety and customer satisfaction
  • Collect reliable footage for post-investigation
  • Manage all the branches effectively and easily


Smart Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Comsec’s Smart Solution for Oil & Gas is a total IP system for productivity and parking security. The solution provides around-the-clock protection with industry leading low light technology, automated vehicle access control with Comsec’s ANPR module, and automatic event alerts with Comsec’s Smart detection. Including integrated IP security solutions and Central Management Software, Comsec’s Smart solution can build a reliable, fully compatible, and flexible security platform for Oil & Gas companies.

Compact HD Cameras (For discreet indoor Surveillance)

Security Solutions for Services Stations

HD low light Cameras: Crisp HD images, Day and Night


Smart Solution For Retail Malls and Supermarkets

Retail 1

In the retail business, customers need to feel safe to have a good shopping experience and merchandise needs to be protected from both internal and external threats. Security can be a big headache for store managers and security integrators. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Comsec’s Smart Retail Solution for shopping centers, malls, and retail businesses. Comsec provides this critical solution specifically for retail centers with multiple points of sale, large entries and exits, and vast parking areas. The Smart Retail Solution provides access control, security for staff, and loss prevention support. And that’s just the beginning. This Smart system also features analytics for enhancing business value, too. Intelligent functions include people counting to track customer traffic and volume, and automatic vehicle number plate recognition for superior access control in parking areas. Customers and staff can feel secure day and night.

Smart Solution for Retail Shops


  • How to improve security of customers/staffs?
  • How to decrease internal theft for loss prevention?
  • How to deterrent break-ins during off-hours?
  • How to make my store less intrusive?
  • How to evaluate business productivity?
  • How to assess performance of store’s layout?

Solution Highlights

  • High video quality for staff security-assets protection
  • Specific covert cameras to creating an aesthetical shopping environment
  • Tailored products for internal theft-loss prevention
  • Intelligent platform for productivity assessment


Smart Hotel Solution


Comsec’s Smart Solution for Hotels is a complete integrated system for hotel security. The solution provides around-the-clock protection with industry-leading low-light technology, automated vehicle access control with Comsec’s automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) module, and automatic event alerts with Comsec’s Smart detection. The Smart Solution includes integrated IP products such as IP cameras, NVRs, Access Control, Intruder alarm and central management software — helping to create a reliable, flexible security platform for hotels.

Smart Solution for Hotel Security

  • Ensure around-a-clock safety for guests and staff
  • Improve vehicle access management and customer experience
  • Decrease CCTV intrusiveness
  • Reliable footage for post-investigation


Smart Education Solution


Is anything more important than our children? Protecting students at their schools, learning centers, and campus facilities of all kinds has become more critical than ever. Because of their vulnerabilities, schools around the world have been targeted by criminals. Comsec’s Smart Solution for Schools and Campuses secures educational facilities with its advanced technology, powerful cameras, and critical recording devices. In protecting these places of learning, development, and exploration, campus security personnel worldwide will find this security solution from Comsec to be an essential asset.

  • Ensure the security for students and staff
  • Prevent school violence and valuable items theft
  • Help authority to investigate incidents and identify suspects
  • Increase campus management efficiency


Smart Health Care Solution


Hospitals and health care facilities are designed to be places of healing, recovery, and tranquility. However, with high volumes of people constantly coming and going – visitors, volunteers, patients, and others – the potential for unlawful behavior is substantial. Furthermore, recording the activities of hospital personnel, securing limited access areas, and keeping parking lots operating efficiently require intelligent technology. Comsec’s Smart Solution for Healthcare Facilities secures hospitals and other treatment centers with its advanced technology, powerful cameras, and reliable recording devices. Everywhere from guard stations to intensive care units, Comsec’s security solution products powerfully assist and protect healthcare facilities and personnel.

  • Ensure the Around-the-clock Safety for Patients and Staffs
  • Quickly Evaluate Incidents for Prompt Event Response
  • Effectively Monitor Critical Areas and Restricted Areas’ Entrance Control
  • Prevent Break-Ins and Theft


Smart Residential Security


Comsec Security Systems offers a complete range of products for audio and video entry systems. Each model combines eye-catching design with innovative technology, offering superior performance and simplicity of installation and operation. The various systems are highly versatile, and can meet every possible user requirement in terms of styling, dimensions and performance – the ideal solution for all applications, from single homes to large residential complexes.

Smart Solution for Houses

Smart Solution for Apartment Buildings


Video Surveillance

Aside from the basic visual intercom functions, this system enables seamless compatibility with IP CCTV systems, using the door station as an outdoor IP camera for video recording via connection to a CCTV NVR.


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps facilitate LAN and WAN control while allowing users remote monitoring and the ability to answer phones and unlock doors as well.



Smart Mobile Transportation Solution


Safe public transportation is a worldwide concern, especially responding quickly to traffic accidents and guarding against potential terrorist attacks on transportation facilities. In addition, increased passenger loads and more complex transportation hubs call for a central management system to safeguard against unlawful activities such as pick pocketing, disorderly behavior and so on.

Remote Monitoring