Comsec Provides advanced integrated CCTV solutions. We supply the entire range, from basic video surveillance systems for a retail store to deter and monitor shoplifting, through complete monitoring of a building or a complex, up to a multi-site solution with a central command and control center, monitoring remote sites/branches from one location.

The central management and monitoring systems offered by Comsec ensure a high level of security Comsec’ CCTV solutions provides not only high quality video viewing and recording, but also using advanced video motion detection technologies, converting the camera into a “Smart Eye”, by automatically detecting events in the video frame. Even in cases where the guard at the control room is not fully alert and even in darkness, this technology will allow detection of events and alerting the security personnel, assisting them in improving their efficiency.

Main Features of the CCTV solution:

  • High Definition Cameras – HD / UHD (4K)
  • Advanced recording technologies with huge storage
  • Central network management with advanced alarm
  • Remote monitoring over the LAN, Internet and mobile phones
  • Intelligent video analytics