Smart Solution For Retail Malls and Supermarkets


In the retail business, customers need to feel safe to have a good shopping experience and merchandise needs to be protected from both internal and external threats. Security can be a big headache for store managers and security integrators. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Comsec’s Smart Retail Solution for shopping centers, malls, and retail businesses. Comsec provides this critical solution specifically for retail centers with multiple points of sale, large entries and exits, and vast parking areas. The Smart Retail Solution provides access control, security for staff, and loss prevention support. And that’s just the beginning. This Smart system also features analytics for enhancing business value, too. Intelligent functions include people counting to track customer traffic and volume, and automatic vehicle number plate recognition for superior access control in parking areas. Customers and staff can feel secure day and night.

Smart Solution for Retail Shops


  • How to improve security of customers/staffs?
  • How to decrease internal theft for loss prevention?
  • How to deterrent break-ins during off-hours?
  • How to make my store less intrusive?
  • How to evaluate business productivity?
  • How to assess performance of store’s layout?

Solution Highlights

  • High video quality for staff security-assets protection
  • Specific covert cameras to creating an aesthetical shopping environment
  • Tailored products for internal theft-loss prevention
  • Intelligent platform for productivity assessment